Monday, April 11, 2011

April garden economics update

The month of March went extremely well in the garden.  We had an abundance of produce with only four hours of time put in and minimal expenses.  The weather warmed up considerably and though we had several rainy days, the rain didn't amount to much.  Still very dry around here but what else can you expect in the desert.  We also planted tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, beans, winter squash, summer squash at the beginning of the month.  All of which were started from seed, thus minimizing cost inputs.  Normally March through May would produce an abundance of chili peppers but due to the unusually cold weather nearly all of the chili pepper plants died and only one looks like it will be producing anything this coming month.  April marks the beginning of warm but not yet hot weather and the beginning of our annual spring drought.  Spring drought is usually not broken until July monsoon season.

Here are the stats:
College garden
Shell peas 29oz, $8.99
Beets 132oz, $32.90
Lettuce  30oz, $7.50
Chard  68oz, $21.08
Cilantro  18oz, $3.15
Total hours: 4
Total calories burned: 1224
Calories produced: 2866
Net calories:  1642
$ spent: $12.93 on seeds
$ produced: $74.01
Net $: $61.08

Home Garden
Shell peas 30oz, $9.30
Radishes  8oz, $0.99
Green onions  32oz, $7.56
Broccoli  12oz, $1.80
Beets  60oz, $14.95
Chard  70oz, $22.40
Carrots  22oz, $1.10
Chives 3oz, $2.69
Total hours: 4
Total calories burned: 1224
Calories produced: 2135
Net calories:  911
$ spent: $12.93 on seeds
$ produced: $58.99
Net $:  $46.06

Totals since October 2010
College garden: 
$ Totals: -$1.36+61.08=$59.72
Total hours worked: 14.75
Calorie totals:12+1642=1654

$ Totals: $10.09+46.06=$56.15
Hours worked: 17.25
Calorie totals:-355+911=556

Well, we are finally making a profit in our gardens.  This should have probably come a few months earlier but I spent too much money on seeds and planted too much space in unproductive crops.  I have quickly learned from my mistakes however and am trying to quickly make up for lost time.

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