Thursday, June 30, 2011

Garden update (a little late)

Phoenix College garden
I know my garden economics update is long over due, but better late than never...  Things have been extremely productive in the garden lately with the nice weather we had through May and the beginning of June.  It isn't until temperatures start hitting about 110 degrees that things start suffering.  If we consistently stay below around 105 for the high everything seems to do quite well.  Some things like eggplant, some chili's, okra, and Armenian Cucumbers really don't care though.  One of my rules of thumb for Armenian Cucumbers is to plant only one every summer being it spreads and produces throughout the garden with vengeance!  Once it gets going its hard to stop.  June has been dry as usual.  Now with daytime highs consistently over 110 it can be difficult keeping the garden going.  The high temperatures will last until we get some rain and the medium term forecast makes it look like the monsoon rains may come in the next week or so.  But rain in the desert can be quite elusive.

Here are the stats:  All prices are based on local Fry's or Sprouts organic produce.
College garden
Tomatoes 13lbs. 6oz., $40 ($2.99/lbs.)
Green onions 1lbs. $4.72 (0.59/lbs.)
Green beans 2lbs. 14oz., $8.60 ($2.99/lbs.)
Garlic 7lbs. 4oz., $23.25 (0.75/head)
Summer squash 2lbs., $5.98 ($2.99/lbs.)
Total hours: 6
Total calories burned: 1836
Calories produced: 6035
Net calories:  4199
$ spent: $0.00
$ produced: $82.55
Net $: $82.55

Home Garden
Zucchini 9lbs. 9oz., $28.59 ($2.99/lbs.)
Green onions  8oz., $2.36 ($0.59/2oz bunch),
Chard  1lbs. 4oz., $6.25 ($2.50/8oz bunch)
Carrots  3lbs 1oz., $3.04 ($0.99/lbs.)
Basil 7oz., $10.47 ($1.89/2oz bunch)
Tomatoes 12lbs. 5oz., $28.59 ($2.99/lbs.)
Peaches 2lbs., $3.98 ($1.99/lbs.)

Cucumbers 1lbs. 8oz., $3.75 ($2.50/lbs.)
Eggplant 2lbs. 4oz., $4.46 ($1.99/lbs.)
Green beans 1lbs., $2.99 ($2.99/lbs.)
Summer squash 9lbs. 3oz., $22.97 ($2.50/lbs.)
Total hours: 6
Total calories burned: 1836
Calories produced: 5182
Net calories: 3346
$ spent: $0.00
$ produced: $117.45
Net $:  $117.45

Totals since October 2010
College garden:  
$ Totals: $111.08+$82.55=193.63
Total hours worked: 24.75
Calorie totals:4151+4199=8350

$ Totals: $103.67+$117.45=221.12
Hours worked: 25.25
Calorie totals:1708+5054

The end of June through the middle of August can be really tough on the garden.  The sooner we get the monsoon rains and the more of them we get the better.  Without the monsoon rain the heat and dry weather can virtually destroy everything in the garden (except for okra, Armenian cucumbers, and eggplant of course!).  

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