Thursday, September 1, 2011

End of year Garden Economics Update

One of my gardens waiting for fall planting which will happen in the coming month.
Well, its been a hard summer for gardening.  July was hot, and usually we get at least some break from the heat during monsoon season, but not this year.  Monsoon season was a huge disappointment with less than one inch of rain.  The lack of rain resulted in an August where every single day was over 100 degrees and 12 of those days over 110 degrees.  Everything suffered as a result.  I really didn't put much effort into the garden  due to the heat.  But here are the results:

College garden
Tomatoes 16lbs. 15oz., $50.64 ($2.99/lbs.)
Green onions 1lbs. 15oz. $4.65 (0.59/lbs.)
Summer squash 4lbs. 2oz., $12.33 ($2.99/lbs.)
Eggplant 1lbs. 8oz., $2.99 ($1.99/lbs.)
Total hours: 5
Total calories burned: 1530
Calories produced: 2042
Net calories:  512
$ spent: $0.00
$ produced: $70.61
Net $: $70.61

Home Garden
Zucchini 3lbs. 8oz., $10.47 ($2.99/lbs.)

Chives 4oz., $2.99 ($1.99/2oz.)
Basil 12oz., $17.94 ($1.89/2oz bunch)
Tomatoes 7lbs. 3oz., $21.49 ($2.99/lbs.)
Cucumbers 3lbs. 1oz., $9.16 ($2.50/lbs.)
Eggplant 3lbs. 12oz., $7.46 ($1.99/lbs.)
Total hours: 5
Total calories burned: 1530
Calories produced: 1534
Net calories: 4
$ spent: $0.00
$ produced: $72.50
Net $:  $72.50

Totals since October 2010
College garden:  
$ Totals: $193.63+$70.61=$264.24
Total hours worked: 29.75
Calorie totals:8350+512=8862

$ Totals: $221.12+$72.50=$293.62
Hours worked: 30.25
Calorie totals:5054+4=5058

As for rain in the near future... there seems to be no sign of it.  We really haven't had any good rainfall for a year and a half.  Also, I will be getting the garden ready for fall planting in the coming weeks so what you see here will be the year end totals.  Being this is the first year I tracked my produce I learned a lot.  I know of many ways I can increase my yield pretty easily for next year.  For one, I will be limiting my up front costs for planting as well as trying to plant a little earlier.  Both of these things will help a lot.  Between the two gardens I grew a total of $557.86 on about 150 square feet.  Not sure how this compares with other peoples gardens.  My gardens were bigger then 150 square feet but I learned that I only used that much space effectively.  I'll know better for next year.  Overall produce works out to be about $9.30 per hour of work, which is not too bad.  

I am already planning my fall garden and will be watching temperatures closely for planting.  I will give an update on my fall planting plans within the next month.

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