Friday, March 30, 2012

Gardens Instead of Grass

I came across this inspiring You-Tube video yesterday.  To me, this video shows just how practical biology truly can be.  I'm sure that the people engaging in this type of gardening rarely consider they are engaging in an extremely applicable aspect of biology but they are.  Gardening is biology, but as the video demonstrates extremely well, gardening is also an important educational, psychological, sociological, and economical activity.  The benefits of gardening are tremendous.  As you know I am an extremely active gardener.  Through this simple activity I have gotten to know neighbors, taught my kids many different things, learned a ton about growing plants, saved thousands of dollars on groceries, and I get some great food. I have lots of plans for expanding my own gardening at home but unfortunately so little time.  I imagine it will be done someday though.

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