Monday, July 2, 2012

Home Food Production: A Profitable Recreation and Duty

The above advertisement from 1918 is quite surprising.  It can be a bit hard to read, so here is what it says:

"Even the smallest backyard has room for a flock large enough to supply the house with eggs.  The cost of maintaining such a flock is small.  Table and kitchen waste provide much of the feed for the hens.  They require little attention- only a few minutes a day.  An interested child, old enough to take a little responsibility, can care for a few fowls as well as a grown person.  Every back yard in the United States should contribute its share to a bumper crop of poultry and eggs in 1981." 

And my favorite part of the ad:

"In time of peace a profitable recreation.  In time of war a patriotic duty."

I personally have been involved in home food production, including keeping chickens in the backyard for many years.  It can save you hundreds, even a few thousand dollars if done properly and depending on the scale of your production.  Best of all though, it is extremely educational, interesting, relaxing, and healthy  It also has resulted in a lot of quality time spent with my children who love the dirt and chickens.  The benefits of growing your own food are immense.  Society today is not so advanced that growing your own food is an out-of-date ancient history, especially considering these benefits.  Think about it, watching TV in today's society is probably the most common pass time of Americans.  Television is also probably one of the least productive activities someone can engage in.  Gardening is quite the opposite extreme though.

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