Friday, September 21, 2012

Post Summer 2012 Sonoran Desert Monsoon Season Photos

The high humidity and rain from monsoon season seems to be gone from the Sonoran Desert this year.  There is always a chance that it can come back, but as far as monsoon seasons go, this year was a good one.  The vast majority of the Sonoran Desert received more than the normal amount of rain and cooler than normal temperatures over a two and a half month period.  This had a great effect on greening the desert, wildflower blooms, an explosion in bugs, and increased wildlife activity and reproductive success.  Below I have shared a number of photos I took on a recent hiking trip the day after the last rainstorm we received. 
A leafed out ocotillo. 

Not sure what this catapillar is but I found thousands of these along the trail.

Butterflies are quite abundant now as a result of the rains.


A green desert grassland of Tobosa located near the top of the White Tank Mountains.

Trailing four o'clock

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  1. I would like to visit this place for trekking . May be next year I will be there.