Friday, October 5, 2012

Practical Biology is Two Years Old!

Yesterday, Practical Biology turned two years old!  We now have over 200 posts and for now I plan on continuing posting twice a week.  With the cool weather returning to the Sonoran Desert where I live I plan on creating some posts on hiking again.  I also hope to develop some more field guide type posts, much like what has been done on the Projects and Series bar to the right.  Readership of the blog continues to increase with over 9,000 hits on the website in the past month.  My hope is to increase readership even more.  My desire is to continue making real science accessible to the ordinary non-scientist.  I believe our entire society has much to benefit from making scientific knowledge common to the masses.  Meaningful science doesn't have to take place only at the university, it can also take place in your kitchen or your own backyard. 

So thanks to all my readers!  I want to keep producing useful information for you.  So if you have any ideas about topics you may be interested in let me know.  I'll see what I can do.  Thanks everyone!

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