Monday, November 26, 2012

Huricane, Superstorm, Frankenstorm Sandy... What Made This Storm So Bad

Watch Inside the Megastorm on PBS. See more from NOVA.

The science and story behind the development of Superstorm Sandy is fascinating.  The above video does a great job of explaining the development of this storm and how so many different weather elements came together to make this storm so bad.  The combination of a hurricane, absence of the Bermuda High, higher than usual ocean temperatures, a Nor'eastern storm, high pressure of the coast of Greenland, an adjusted jet stream, and the storm making landfall at the full moon high tide all came together to make this frankenstorm.  A hurricane or nor'eastern storm are bad enough, but the combination of these two along with everything else made this storm devastating.  Though Sandy was quite a dramatic weather event, the above video gives a great education on weather in general.  The big question now is, will superstorms like Sandy become more common in the future?  In the next 100 years temperatures are expected to warm by about four degrees which would likely increase the number and intensity of storms throughout the world.  Are storms like these a preview of what is to come in the future?

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