Friday, January 11, 2013

Science Style

OK, its official, everyone is doing some version of Gangnam Style.  When lab geeks such as those in the above video take the time to do a parody of a popular song, you know something is wrong.  Not to criticize lab geeks, I suppose I am one also, but as I said, lab geeks are kind of geeky.   What I love about this video is not that it is a Gangnam Style parody done in a genetics lab, but that the word of this parody share about how science really takes place.  The part of real science that is shared in this video can be summed up in one word: frustration!  While it is not commonly know, science is completely frustrating.  Take Thomas Edison for instance, he made over one thousand attempts to make the light bulb before he succeeded.  The same type of failure is true for other areas of science also.  In genetics it can take years of trying to design a good experiment before it actually works right.  Then, once it is working it might stop working for no known reason.  In science it is very common for things to work once than never work again or for things that worked for years to stop working. 

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